Monday, 6 October 2014

The End of a Hiatus

Dear sweet flowers,

It has been so long. More than a year. Since I talked to you the last time many things have happened.
I graduated from Danish gymnasium, which has led to some significant changes in my life. I do not attend school any longer and I am left without a clue in regards to what further education I want...I have been contemplating studying English or religion at a university, but this is still very uncertain.

Since June, I have had three different job positions. Two of them were on probation and neither worked out... so now, I am a cleaning lady! For exactly five days more at least. The 15th of October, I am heading to Paris with my dearest friend. We acquired an apartment on the hill of Montmatre, and my insides are screaming with joy every time I think about my future life in France. Do you understand my excitement? Do you have a soft spot for the City of Light like I do? I studied French for three years in gymnasium, but I do not feel safe in the language at all. This leads to a lot of tense nerves, but you know.. other (and many) people have moved to a country without mastering the national language, so I am sure everything will all work out fine with some willpower... even if it will be très difficile.

My current job is in the evening, which allows me to sleep in. Every day. Not good for the mantra of productivity I swore when I created this blog. Honestly, I feel like the months have just past by like they never existed. When I look back they might as well be a dream. Since I graduated my days have consisted of cleaning in the evening and video games when I was not at work. I am on autopilot. The transportation to and fro my job is also unfortunate. Usually I will have to leave home at 5 PM to be home again at 10 PM only for two and a half hours of work. This, on the other hand, has given me oodles of time to read! If any of you lovely flowers want to see what I am messing around with book-wise, here is a link to my Goodreads account. I'd love to be your friend.

I am sorry that I do not have any pictures from my life to include in this post... I am currently participating in a swap with some other bloggers, which reminded me that I too... have a blog.

I hope you are all having a spectacular day and do not worry. I will be back before you know it, and one can only hope it won't be another year.

Love, Florina.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Teas and Trees

Belated post about a tea swap I did with the lovely Georgia. Make sure to check out her blog, you will not regret it.
As soon as I got the parcel I saw her sense for subtleties. Even the packaging was adorable, and as I opened it my eyes fell upon a heart shaped box covered in small cut-outs, drawings and stickers. It was clear to me that Georgia has a passion for the little details!

I've already made myself a cup of two of the teas she included and both were absolutely delicious.

I have never seen tea with a solid green colour like this one, but it was delicious and that is all I ask for!

Recently my many hours surfing the internet led me to discover this useful website. You use it to keep track of your everyday chores and it is basically an adorable online agenda. As you complete tasks the tree you have been given will grow, and it is also possible to read inspirational quotes and listen to lovely music ... so lovely.

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday or Saturday.
Love, Florina.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Bella Firenze, ilus Eesti

While I've been gone quite a few things have happened. As told in an earlier blog entry I have been international for a little less than two weeks. I have visited both Estonia and Italy and I cannot seem to pick which one of my little travels were my favourite. Both countries are wonderful in different ways that cannot be compared and I got to see many beautiful and magnificent places.
My camera is only a mere digital one, so I stole some photographs off my dear friend Anna. I hope you enjoy the few ones I shared here.

Florence, Italy


Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden


I have already asked my mother if we can take a trip to Estonia this summer. The capital Tallinn is just too great to only spend a single day in it... I hope that you sweet flowers have had a lovely month since you last heard from me. I'll make sure to keep my blog more updated. Promise!

Have a lovely day, night and so on.
Love, Florina.

Photocopyright goes to Anna Bruun Kristiansen.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Insufficient activity

Hello sweet flowers,
Today it is Monday and per usual Monday includes school. Lately school has not been a drag like I find it sometimes tend to be, since I have many lovely friends to be around. Either way, I will soon have a break from school due to Easter holiday. After Easter a few great things will happen as well. I am going on a trip to Sweden and Estonia with my school choir to participate in an event with choirs from Iceland, Denmark and Estonia. I hope it will be as grand as I imagine. Right after returning from Estonia, I am leaving for Florence, Italy with my dear classmates and two of our sweet teachers.I have neither been to Estonia nor Italy before so it is possible to see an aura of excitement vibrating around my being! 
These travels will for sure lead to many great memories and adventures. If only I had a more efficient camera I would shoot some photographs for you sweet flowers, but I am sure I will figure something out.

After school I tried my best to get some drawing done. I do not feel very motivated to draw lately, but in order to improve my skills practice is necessary! Besides this, my day has been quite uneventful.

I hope you are all having a lovely day, night etc. Here, it is already thirty-four minutes past 9 in the evening.

Love, Florina.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Spring Sneezes

Hello sweet flowers,

This blog is brand new, and I am Florina. It is lovely to meet you!
In advance, I would like to apologize in advance for the lack of experience I have when it comes to blogging. Hopefully it'll be better later on.
My goal with this blog is to forcefully make my life more interesting and share little creative projects, so all of you sweet flowers will have something somewhat captivating to read about. I'm hoping that this will keep me motivated.

During the past few days I have been really feeling the return of spring ... in my nose. I am quite allergic to all sorts of pollen. Unfortunately spring only made it to my being and not nature.

I live in Denmark and as you can see in the photograph us Danes are once again lucky enough to have snow. I am not the one to complain about snow, but the temperatures are still freezing even though we're in March and I was starting to hope for a little warmth.Only sign, and for sure a lovely sign, that spring is not so far away is these small beauties that have chosen to poke their heads out through the snow. This time is one of my favourites of the year.

Easter is just around the corner and I was reminded of this by all the cheap, cute and slightly tacky decorations you can buy practically every time a holiday comes around. Every year I celebrate Easter with my family, which is always a lovely event to look forward to, and not only because of the food galore! Spending time with my family is something I always enjoy... But of course the most exciting part is the chocolate eggs we receive...

Besides the sweet Easter bunny, I also saw these amazing tulips. I almost ended up buying some for my mother, and I really should have. I ought to get her flowers more often and especially beautiful tulips like these.Not more than a few days ago my brother and I switched rooms. Therefore the last couple of days I have been moving furniture back and forth between the two of our rooms. Thankfully I am now all done and ready to relax with a nicce cup of warm tea and silky-smooth tissues to aid my soar nose.  I hope you sweet flowers are having a lovely Sunday as well.Love, Florina.