Monday, 15 April 2013

Bella Firenze, ilus Eesti

While I've been gone quite a few things have happened. As told in an earlier blog entry I have been international for a little less than two weeks. I have visited both Estonia and Italy and I cannot seem to pick which one of my little travels were my favourite. Both countries are wonderful in different ways that cannot be compared and I got to see many beautiful and magnificent places.
My camera is only a mere digital one, so I stole some photographs off my dear friend Anna. I hope you enjoy the few ones I shared here.

Florence, Italy


Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden


I have already asked my mother if we can take a trip to Estonia this summer. The capital Tallinn is just too great to only spend a single day in it... I hope that you sweet flowers have had a lovely month since you last heard from me. I'll make sure to keep my blog more updated. Promise!

Have a lovely day, night and so on.
Love, Florina.

Photocopyright goes to Anna Bruun Kristiansen.

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  1. lovely photos! :)