Friday, 19 April 2013

Teas and Trees

Belated post about a tea swap I did with the lovely Georgia. Make sure to check out her blog, you will not regret it.
As soon as I got the parcel I saw her sense for subtleties. Even the packaging was adorable, and as I opened it my eyes fell upon a heart shaped box covered in small cut-outs, drawings and stickers. It was clear to me that Georgia has a passion for the little details!

I've already made myself a cup of two of the teas she included and both were absolutely delicious.

I have never seen tea with a solid green colour like this one, but it was delicious and that is all I ask for!

Recently my many hours surfing the internet led me to discover this useful website. You use it to keep track of your everyday chores and it is basically an adorable online agenda. As you complete tasks the tree you have been given will grow, and it is also possible to read inspirational quotes and listen to lovely music ... so lovely.

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday or Saturday.
Love, Florina.


  1. Hello hello!
    I started following your blog today (I found it via Georgia) and I fell in love with the pictures and tone ^^
    This tea swap is so lovely! (I'm a tea addict and do swaps often so that's absolutely talking to me!)
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Audrey!
      Thank you for the sweet comment. To be honest it motivated me to begin blogging again.
      Hopefully you'll see many lovely posts on my blog in the future!
      I also followed your blog, it's very sweet ~
      Love, Florina.